Hello, my name is Milan Kracht

I'm a front end and UX developer with extensive experience in the online universe. Please take a look at my portfolio!

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Van Oord

For offshore and dredging company Van Oord I was responsible for improving various applications. These responsive applications offer tools for assembling and interpreting investigation data.

Van Oord screen 1 Van Oord screen 2 Van Oord screen 3 Van Oord screen 4
Increase of usability was gained by enquiring users' needs first
Van Oord engineer working with app

Cofra/Anthos (C&A)

For Cofra (holding of C&A - Brenninkmeijer family) I was involved in the development of a client portal. This mobile app is a combination of various functionalities like online banking, wealth management and an online community.

Cofra mobile dashboard Cofra mobile screen 2 Cofra mobile screen 3 Cofra mobile screen 4 Cofra mobile screen 5
We did some extensive user testing to come up with an intuitive conversational user interface
Cofra app testing

Orpheus Object Based Audio app

Within a European research project with partners like BBC, Fraunhofer, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Ircam, IRT and Elephantcandy I designed and developed a revolutionary radio app, offering enhanced audio and interaction features for users, based on so called 'object based audio' technology

Orpheus Object Based Audio app screen 1 Orpheus Object Based Audio app screen 2 Orpheus Object Based Audio app screen 3 Orpheus Object Based Audio app screen 4
Object based audio offers limitless possibilities for improved user listening experience
Orpheus Object Based Audio listener


Orpheus prototype
Orpheus prototype
Orpheus prototype
Orpheus prototype
Orpheus prototype
Orpheus prototype
Orpheus prototype
Orpheus prototype
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iPad application in book stores and libraries for discovering books, based on user profile.

Bookarang iPad dock
Bookarangs intelligent software searches for book matches by text analysis
Bookarang Discovr 1
Bookarang Discovr 2
Bookarang Discovr 3
Bookarang Discovr 4
Bookarang Discovr 6
Bookarang Discovr 5

Some mood icons, designed for different genres

Bookarang moods
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Jules Energy

Trading platform for renewable energy. I developed the new look & feel, resulting in a better usability.

Jules Energy trading platform - old Jules Energy trading platform - new
The Jules Trading platform can be personalised for different customers
Jules Energy trading platform - personalised for Total Jules Energy trading platform - personalised for Engie
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Booston Recruitment software

CMS for recruitment websites. I developed the extensive back-office web app and several front-end implementations.

Booston backoffice Booston backoffice Booston backoffice
Booston offers a wide range of online marketing tools for optimising conversion
Booston front-end implementation Booston front-end implementation Booston front-end implementation
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Thermen Holiday

Website with reservation module for a huge wellness resort in the Rotterdam area. Within the development team I was responsible for front-end development.

wellness Thermen Holiday homepage on laptop
Improvement of the user experience resulted into a 40% higher conversion rate on online reservations.
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For one of the largest waste processing companies in The Netherlands – Sita/Suez – I was involved in developing a special site about sustainability. For this project I did some major development for multiple devices.

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For several medical organisations I developed a unique online agenda. This webapp enables people to plan appointments 24/7 in a central, online agenda. This app is accesible from any device.

mri Agenda Online responsive
Agenda-Online offers some extensive functionality which cannot be found in other expensive medical applications.
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Branche TV

Responsive website and app for revolutionary broadcasting company. I was hired to organise front-end development and monitor the UX design process.

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